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Coronavirus update: Restart has robust and tested business continuity plans. Your support and development will be unaffected during this unprecedented situation. 

Building integrated healthcare better, faster and with less.

Restart is the UK’s leading provider of end to end integration solutions for healthcare. 100% requirements-led, no one else gets your interoperability vision up and running faster. From point to point integration to complex system architectures and digital care records, we get your data where it needs to be, in the right format, at the right time.

Integration engines

Protect your critical systems

Because the NHS doesn’t sleep, we monitor your integration engine and every system attached to it 24/7. Protect your organisation against potential interruptions to service with our proactive support solution.

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Integration services

Keep your data flowing

Fast, simple and efficient integration. Unify data and systems to remove bottlenecks, breakdown silos and keep your critical data moving. Boost productivity and patient care with the UK’s leading integration expert.

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Connected care

Collaborate across settings

Make all types of patient data visible, from any system, at the time care is delivered. Clinicians spend less time searching for, and rekeying data; and more time making informed decisions about patient care.

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Customer Testimonials


“Thanks for all your efforts over the last 8 months!! If only we had known how easy it would have been at the beginning!!!!
I must say that I have never worked with such a dedicated, helpful and knowledgeable team in my short 18 years of IT!”

James Tate, IT Technical Project Manager, James Paget
University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust