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Welcome to Restart

Our vision is to build integrated care systems better, faster and with less.

Our mission is to give healthcare professionals in any care setting access to the information they need, when they need it, in the format they need it.

Committed to healthcare

For more than 13 years Restart has been providing high quality integration skills to organisations across the NHS, and its partners. As the NHS’s drive to go digital and paperless has evolved, so have our solutions. We are the only supplier dedicated to interoperability within healthcare.

Unrivalled expertise

We support all major integration engines, clinical systems, and healthcare message formats, standards and protocols. Our clinical understanding together with knowledge of open technology, cutting-edge and legacy code, helps you achieve your integration goals faster.

100% requirements-led

Our development approach is wholly requirements-led. This means our integration architects work with you to understand what information your users need, and how it should be presented. We design, build, test and deploy exactly what you need, on time, every time.

Saving the NHS money

Interoperability should not cost millions. That’s why we build integrated care solutions from the ground up, designed for what your users need to see, update and share. We actively work with partners such as Data Discovery Services and GP Connect to continuously bring down the cost of digital care.

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