Integration Engine Audits 2020-02-18T11:23:51+00:00
For the highest level of availability, resilience and performance.

Our Integration Engine Audits establish the status of your current deployment and provide recommendations for obtaining the highest level of availability, resilience and performance.

Before embarking on any interoperability project, let us ensure that your integration engine is ready.

End to end analysis

The audit process examines three key elements;  your infrastructure and hardware; the configuration and backup of your integration engine; and the service, process and operation of every single interface.

Dedicated consultants

Our integration consultants have over 30 years’ experience working with all major integration engines including HealthShare, Ensemble, Rhapsody, JavaCAPS and Mirth. And with knowledge of legacy systems, you’re in safe hands.

Identify critical issues

We’ll provide a detailed report highlighting urgent issues which should be addressed immediately to guarantee data quality at all times.

Recommend best practice

We make solid recommendations to improve your functionality based on our experience of implementing all major integration engines and working with 70+ Trusts.

Mirroring and backup

You will have a strategy in place for planned and unexpected downtime. Our consultants interrogate the process to ensure it works effectively with no disruption to internal and external feeds.

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