Press Release: Bedford Hospital goes live with Viper360® Interoperability Solution

19 September, 2017.

Bedford Hospital NHS Trust has confirmed the successful first phase deployment of the Viper360 Interoperability platform and portal from ReStart Consulting Ltd. Viper360 is now in active use by clinicians and administrative staff. By the end of October it is anticipated over 100 users will be logging in and accessing multiple systems via the Single Sign-On (SSO) viewing platform on a regular basis.

Like most NHS acute Trusts, Bedford has a wide range of clinical and administrative systems in use across the organisation which are not integrated. This meant hospital staff needed to re-enter the same information in multiple places, creating potential for error and omission. Patients and their carers also had the frustration of having to repeat the same information multiple times to different health professionals throughout their care journey.

John Bain, Associate Director IM&T said, “Bedford had endured the inefficiencies of multiple separate systems in operation for long enough. In a highly pressured care environment it is important to eliminate sources of patient and staff frustration and to reduce the potential for increased clinical risk. With a relatively small investment we chose to adopt Viper360 as the platform to increase our quality of care, operational efficiency, AND improve patient experience at the same time.”

The Viper360 Interoperability platform is a highly scalable solution being rolled out in several stages. Prompt access to new functionality is assured through this phased approach, agreed with the client. Viper360 provides clinicians and administrative teams with access to real-time patient information. Single-Sign-On functionality eliminates the need for clinicians to log into and interrogate multiple systems to obtain an accurate and up-to-date view of their patients.

Viper360’s first phase roll-out at Bedford has been to its clinical administrative team who now have access to Viper360 to view patient Radiology and Pathology reports and other clinical data in one user-friendly interface.

The next phase of the project scheduled to begin in November 2017, implements the SSO functionality to allow clinicians access to the Trust PACS system via Viper360. This will, present data from its Cancer Registry, as well as Cardiology reports to clinicians via Viper360.

Mike Symers, Managing Director at ReStart said, “NHS Trusts are changing the way they procure IT innovation. CIOs are now looking for quick win projects that will increase organisational digital maturity whilst giving clinical and admin teams a more efficient way of working. The phased approach of the Viper360 Interoperability platform supports these objectives in a very cost-efficient way.”


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More About ReStart Consulting Ltd

ReStart provides Integration services and support to over 70 Trusts providing real-time Open Technology solutions. In 2016 ReStart launched a presentation and interactive layer solution – Viper360®. NHS England’s Interoperability Handbook, published in September 2015, advocated the use of open technology as a way of increasing the number of suppliers in this market place, and as an alternative to proprietary systems.

Viper360® steps into the NHS identified Interoperability gap between enterprise-wide solutions, and the Trust Integration Engine. Viper360® gives Healthcare providers a building-block approach to Integrated Healthcare. This innovative approach supports a Trust’s aspirations to move in a phased way up the Digital Maturity Index, starting from a low-cost base.

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More About Bedford Hospital NHS Trust

 Bedford Hospital NHS Trust serves a population of approximately 270,000 across Bedfordshire and surrounding areas (with a 900,000 catchment for vascular services). Its core local authority populations are Bedford Borough (160,000) and Central Bedfordshire (260,000). The Trust has over 2500 members of staff and is the largest local employer in Bedford. It has a current turnover of approximately £180m. Its main commissioner is Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group.

The hospital has a dedicated cancer centre, the Primrose unit. The Trust has approximately 360 beds and provides a full range of acute services, with beds for Care of the Elderly, ENT, General Medicine, AAU, General Surgery, Gynaecology, Neonatal, Obstetrics, Oncology, Trauma and Orthopaedics, Paediatrics, Vascular Surgery, Breast Surgery and Urology.

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