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Viper360 provides real-time patient information, from any system, at the point of care.

The only truly collaborative care record. Viper provides real-time patient information, from any system, at the time care is delivered by any healthcare professional. Clinicians spend less time searching for, and rekeying information; and more time making informed decisions about patient care.

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You prioritise the most important information and that’s where we start. Additional functionality, systems and organisations can be added at any time.


As soon as an event happens in any system you’ve added into your care record, every user across your care continuum has access to that patient information.


Reach digital maturity, quickly. Integrate internal teams and partners, promote collaboration across care settings, and create care records that enable regional sharing.


Because Viper is wholly requirements-led, our consultants work with you to understand what information your users need, and how it should be presented.

Low risk

Since Viper uses open source components, you won’t face high licencing fees; and as we leverage existing systems, there’s no demand on your IT team.

What our clients say

“Having information more widely available improves patient experience by removing the need for them to repeat information throughout different stages of care.” Paul Foster, Head of IT Services and Systems Development, South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

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“Clinicians did not have to waste critical time double entering data. Time was saved not searching for information and decisions about patients were made with all the relevant facts available.” Andrew Haw, Head of Health Informatics, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

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Key features – build one or many:

Custom user views

Document searches

Multidisciplinary team working

Care plans

Analysis & reports

Tests and results

Medications & prescribing

Integrating care across the NHS:


GP’s & PCNs

Mental health

Social & community services

Local authority

Voluntary organisations


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