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EMIS Web and Viper360

Enabling Efficient, Effective Care

ReStart has been accredited for EMIS Web integration and is now a recognised EMIS Health partner. This partnership now enables a host of new patient information sharing options for all health care organisations be they acute, community, mental health or other ancillary health and care service providers.

The benefits to a health economy which has a mixed estate of GP and other clinical systems, each holding separate patient data sets cannot be overstated. With Viper360 in EMIS Web, and where Viper360 is integrated with other clinical systems, a 360-degree view of a patient’s care regime can be rapidly and cost-effectively instituted. Practically, this means no duplicated test requests, more informed clinical decision-making, better care, and a better patient experience.

External patient data viewable in EMIS Web

ReStart’s Viper360 solution is now available fully integrated within EMIS Web. This allows GP Practice staff and other EMIS Web users to view real-time patient data from other Health and Social Care provider systems. Records can be drawn from Acute, Community and Mental Health, Social Services and Out of Hours and presented directly within a GP Practice EMIS Web application.

This function is called Care Record Viewer (CRV)

EMIS Web patient records viewable in Viper360

The patient data flow capability, which ReStart’s Viper360 interoperability platform delivers is bi-directional. It allows patient records, examinations and test from the EMIS Web GP system to be viewed by other clinicians and care providers in patient context and at their point of care. Where systems allow it, and with the right permissions, data can also be written back to a patient’s record via Viper360.

This function is called Software Development Kit (SDK)

For more information on how Viper360’s EMIS Web integration can build regional data sharing capacity please call 0845 680 3249 or email sales@restartconsulting.com