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Reduce errors and improve patient care

Remove the headache of managing multiple suppliers. As a preferred partner, we seamlessly configure, install, and integrate Better’s OPENeP solution with your existing PAS, EPR and other clinical and pharmacy systems.

Benefits of Restart & OPENeP

Less prescribing errors

Intuitive user interface

Accurate discharges & stock control

Seamless integration

24/7 support

Comprehensive training

Custom integration

Our experience across all major integration engines, healthcare message formats, standards and protocols, means we streamline the addition of OPENeP to your existing integration environment. Our integration architects understand your requirements and configure your solution to act as a coherent whole.

Simple & safe

OPENeP eases multidisciplinary coordination between doctors, pharmacists and nurses by providing safer electronic medication prescribing supported by prompt feedback from pharmacists. With the help of a clear medication overview, nursing staff no longer have to worry about the accuracy or type of medication they need to administer.

Reduce wastage

With integrated decision support, allergy interactions and definitions of standard treatment OPENeP ensures faster access to the right medications and fewer prescribing errors. Moving away from paper prescribing and administration leads to less missed doses and chart rewrites, saving nurse time and improving the accuracy of discharge prescriptions

Utilisation & efficiency

Our ePMA partnership enables you to track drug utilisation and efficiency. Monitor potentially adverse drug events and reduce the risk of inappropriate medication use. We can help you export structured clinical data to view dosage and regime performance as well as real-time clinical audits and customised reports.

OPENeP key features

• Clinical decision support

• Prepared order sets

• Medicine reconciliation

• Advanced pharmacist review

• Antimicrobial stewardship

• Built in paracetamol rule

• Titration support

• Mental health scenarios

More information

OPENeP clients include Taunton & Somerset NHS Foundation Trust and University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust.

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