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Mobilise GP patient data across care settings

Mobilise GP data across care settings with Restart’s GP Connect integration. Access the only free source of GP data, to save time and money, and provide safer patient care.

GP Connect integration directly supports the interoperability of Primary Care Networks (PCNs) and Integrated Care Systems (ICS) by getting valuable GP data exactly where it’s needed. 

Share structured data

GP Connect shares structured data via open APIs. This means that clinicians can access standardised information no matter where they work.

Build a custom viewer

GP Connect data is returned in a web page which means we can customise the layout to suit the needs of your organisation and clinicians.

Collaboration across care

Open up the information held with GP practice systems to support providers across mental health, community and social care, A&E and secondary care.

Make proactive decisions

With GP data shared across systems, you can set up custom alerts and triggers so that users across care settings make better decisions with the latest information.

Realise investment faster

GP Connect does not carry a licence fee which means you’ll reap the benefits of your integration investment quickly.

UK’s integration leader

Our integration architects understand healthcare requirements and configure integration solutions to streamline effectively within or alongside existing systems.

GP Connect key features

• Detailed medical records

• Full consultation history

• Medications and allergies

• Automatic alerts

• View and book appointments

• Assign tasks

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