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Because the NHS doesn’t sleep, we monitor your integration engine and every system attached to it 24/7. Protect your organisation against potential interruptions to service with our proactive support solution.

Service continuity

As the backbone of your clinical systems, your integration engine is critical to the flow of information between different departments, partners and organisations. We prevent any disruption to this flow of data from causing delays to the provision of care. With TIEs pivotal in the provision of digital care records, you need to get the basics right.

UK’s leading integration experts

Our dedicated team have experience across Ensemble, HealthShare, Rhapsody, Mirth, JavaCAPS and more. This experience means we quickly establish if an issue is with the integration engine or a sending system; and we’ll liaise with the system supplier to resolve the issue before your clinicians notice any impact.

Guaranteed response times

We provide Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to protect your most important systems. With a 15 minute response time and 30 minute fix time, we keep your applications running continuously.

50% more cost-effective

Identifying and fixing problems takes up your valuable IT resource. Having that resource available 24/7 is costly. Taking our support service saves Trusts on average 50% of the cost of a dedicated internal team.

Proactive monitoring

Our bespoke alert monitor (RAM) includes a unique dashboard displaying the status of your integration engine and visibility of messages being processed. RAM ensures we know about potential issues such as message queues or spikes and lulls in activity.

Flexible packages

Our choice of support packages includes different levels to suit your organisation’s needs and the integration skills of your internal IT team; including 24/7 support, working week, 1st, 2nd, or 3rd line or custom packages. Whatever you choose, the SLA is the same guaranteed service.

Peace of mind

Over 30 NHS Trusts rely on our support day in and day out to keep data flowing smoothly. We schedule monthly reviews which include a service summary, incident review and recommendations for any preventative action so you can get on with core work.

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