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Integration services that keep your data moving.

Choose Restart for faster, simpler and more efficient integration. Unify data, applications, and systems to remove bottlenecks, breakdown silos and keep your critical data flowing. Boost productivity and patient care with the UK’s leading integration provider.

Integration development

We develop hundreds of interfaces for NHS organisations every week. Most of our development is fixed price based on the complexity of your requirements. With experience across all major integration engines, healthcare message formats, standards and protocols, we help you capture value from data.

Cut development time

Get on with the day job

Be in control of your IT budget

Custom development

If you can think of ways you want to view, process or manage data across your organisation, we build it. With a user-based design approach, you develop with us every step of the way so you get exactly what you need. Unlock benefits in productivity and patient engagement by developing custom apps including:

PAS customisation

Analytics and insight

Enhanced document search

Integration architecture

The structural design of your integration environment is the foundation for the efficient flow of data across your organisation. We recommend the best strategy to get critical information where it needs to be, at the right time and in the right format. Get your systems to act as a coherent whole with:

Standard connections

Multi-directional information flows

External partner integration

Integration audits 

You’re only as strong as the weakest link in your integration environment. Whether you need a migration, upgrade or want to add new systems, we’ll carry out a thorough health check. You’ll receive a report detailing the effectiveness of each individual element and its suitability in achieving your interoperability objectives including:

Risks to security

Issues affecting performance

Stability problems

Integration documentation

A poorly documented integration environment leaves your organisation at risk. A single developer could hold all the knowledge or those who implemented legacy technology have long since gone. We unpick complex environments to reverse engineer your integration solutions; ensuring documentation reflects your exact functionality today and in the future.

Comprehensive source code

Interface mapping

Peace of mind

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