Press Release: Bedford Hospital NHS Trust

11 September, 2015

Bedford opt for Viper360® to enable single-sign-on and real-time view of patient data

Real-time platform enables clinicians to view patient data from multiple systems in one place –

Bedford Hospital NHS Trust is adopting ReStart Consulting’s Viper360® real-time information platform to deliver a unified view of patient information pulled from multiple Trust systems.  Viper360 was chosen because of its ability to provide clinicians with access to real-time patient information, and the rapid deployment of single sign on functionality, removing the need for clinicians to log on and interrogate multiple systems to get an accurate and up-to-date view of their patients.

When asked about the Trust’s decision to implement Viper360 over any other solution, Josh Chandler, IT Systems Integration Manager at Bedford Hospital commented: “Real-time patient care requires real-time information and Viper360 delivers just this. What we also like about Viper360 is that it builds and enhances our existing IT infrastructure, without needing to invest in much additional technology. We are using our existing TIE which integrates with Viper360 and our clinical systems, creating the single view of the patient. It is so simple, once setup there’s hardly any extra work involved for deployment to the Trust – just a shortcut on the desktop. In fact, it’s making our legacy systems far easier to access for the general clinical work force as they can use Viper360, which is more user-intuitive, to view data from very specialist areas of the hospital that use bespoke systems. Ordinarily this would require specific training and access accounts for yet more systems. In essence, we are using new technology to view legacy data.”

In addition to the benefits cited by the Trust’s IT team, clinicians are impressed with Viper360’s simplicity, the adaptability of the patient view and the ability to easily tailor the solution to their own needs, which has removed the need for lengthy training. Viper360’s powerful search function also makes finding a specific patient’s records easier, reducing the time previously spent in trawling for information.

Unlike first generation portal solutions, second generation solutions do not rely on data repositories, instead pulling data from multiple back-end systems on-demand and in real-time into a single consolidated patient view.  John Bain, Associate Director of IM&T at Bedford commented: “The speed of implementing a solution like Viper360 is a clear benefit of second generation technology. In addition to this, whereas as first generation technology has always been very IT-centric, we are finding Viper360 to be more clinician and patient-centric with so much more flexibility in configuring the solution to our user’s needs. As a result, our clinicians are able to spend more time with their patients, and less with the technology.”

The initial phase of the Viper360 roll has been delivered to very tight timescales linking Pathology, Radiology reports and orders, clinical documents from the PAS and A&E and discharge letters from the Bed Management system. The modular architecture of the Viper360 platform and the fact that it doesn’t rely on the building of a separate data repository has enabled this fast deployment.

Subsequent phases will see integration with other departmental systems and clinical letters, allowing a more holistic view of the patient. The plan is to then integrate data from the local GPs systems, mental health and community systems to provide a complete view of patients from across the local health economy. Josh Chandler continued: “Our vision is to provide as many relevant users with access to the same information, on time, to support the multi-disciplinary care pathways.”

Financial savings are anticipated from the reduction of inappropriate interventions that clinicians have to make, due to not having the right information at the point of care, as well as an overall reduction in admissions and re-admissions. Clinical benefits are expected to be the delivery of faster patient care, and being able to identify a patient quickly, without having to log on to multiple systems. The technical benefits are the ease and speed of deployment and enhancements that Viper360 will make to the Trust’s existing IT infrastructure, the removal of duplication of data storage because of the real-time capabilities and increased network speed and bandwidth.

When asked about their experience of working with a smaller provider like ReStart Consulting, John Bain said: “A few words spring to mind – efficient, reliable, trustworthy and innovative. ReStart are willing to work with us on a plethora of projects, from data pass-throughs to larger, more complex integration projects. It’s hard to find such a good partner because of the way the NHS has traditionally worked with suppliers and it’s refreshing to find a company that will go the extra mile and maintain such high levels of professionalism.” When asked what advice he would give to other Trusts and communities looking to implement portal technology, John responded: “Look at Viper360 first. It’s cost-effective and in this instance, cheaper is better ……. with Viper360, you will not be disappointed and neither will your organisation.”

Mike Symers, Managing Director at ReStart Consulting commented: “Viper360 delivers best when its customer has a clear vision of what it wants to achieve. Bedford is absolutely crystal clear on what they want delivered, and this makes our job straightforward and achievable in tight timescales. I’m delighted that yet another NHS Trust has selected Viper360 to deliver its vision. The real-time information capabilities, fast deployment and single sign-on that Viper360 provides is now setting the bar for real-time patient information.”


About ReStart Consulting

Over the past eight years, ReStart have provided integration services and support to over sixty NHS organisations and have developed, deployed and maintained over 1,000 interfaces.  The team of experienced consultants have worked with the majority of clinical and administrative systems used by the NHS (including some of the very obscure ones) and have an unrivalled reputation of providing interoperability between systems where other consultants have struggled technically.  ReStart’s approach is completely technology agnostic.  The team are able to integrate any systems (subject to IG and data sharing agreements from source system vendors) and also have excellent, established working relationships with the majority of system vendors to the NHS. 

 Viper360 builds upon ReStart’s integration services and technical pedigree and is a second-generation real-time healthcare information platform that provides a true integrated digital care record across acute, primary care, mental health, community and local authorities.  

It allows users to see the most up-to-date information for a patient in real-time and at the point of care on desktop or mobile devices.  This not only means that clinicians have access to the most recent patient information, it also reduces an organisation’s expenditure by removing the investment in additional data repositories.

Viper360 is wholly configurable and is designed to fit an organisation or health economy’s requirements.  This is a key unique feature of Viper360 – it does not require complex and lengthy configuration to try and best meet an organisation’s requirements. Instead, it is built and deployed around requirements using its modular, open-technology framework to quickly deploy the specific functionality required by an organisation.