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Support overview
24/7 Integration support for a 24/7 NHS

ReStart has provided IT integration support for NHS TIE environments and their connected systems for over 8 years. As the market's leading provider of integration services and support, we offer a complete, end-to-end service managed by our support team in Exeter.

This team currently manages TIE support for over 20 NHS sites. ReStart support services provide high availability and continuous monitoring of the TIE and its connected systems, meaning that any TIE issues can be identified and resolved, before any impact is felt by hospital staff.

The ReStart support difference

ReStart guarantees 15 minute response and 30 minute x Service Level Agreements (SLAs) on all support contracts.

  • ITIL-certified teamrestartpic

  • Clear escalation on routes

  • Custom alert monitoring

  • TIE monitor dashboards

Support offerings for: Ensemble®/HealthShareTM, eGate, JavaCAPS, Mirth, Rhapsody, .Net, SQL, MongoDB

Peace of mind provided by proactive monitoring

Proactive Monitoring removes the need for a Trust to monitor and act on issues itself via a third line support desk. Trusts need
to know the status of their TIE at all times and be relaxed in the knowledge that they are guarded against potential problems or interruptions to their service. As part of the ReStart service, all alerts are sent to the ReStart Alert Monitor (RAM) and sophisticated tools, including custom alert and TIE dashboard monitors, are used to ensure that patient information flows seamlessly between systems and that issues are fixed before they impact the Trust.

ReStart's investment in sophisticated tools such as SMS alerting and the RAM make this proactive monitoring possible and include system heartbeats, message queuing, errors, connectivity, back-up status, message throughput, uptime, interface inactivity and unusual activity, e.g. message spikes.

Support Checklist

The NHS TIE Support checklist

  • Dedicated support centre/team

  • 24/7 support

  • Proactive monitoring of all systems attached to the TIE

  • 15 minute response SLA

  • 30 minute fix SLA

  • ITIL-certified staff

  • clear escalation routes

  • Custom alert monitoring

  • TIE monitor dashboards

  • Monthly service reports and reviews

  • Support, system administrators, integration consultants based in one location

  • Support offerings for: Ensemble, eGate, JavaCAPS, APS, Mirth, Rhapsody, .Net, SQL, MongoDB

If your current TIE Support doesn’t cover these elements, contact ReStart to discuss your requirements and receive a no-obligation quotation

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