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viper-360The Viper360 Presentation Layer

The only multi-directional open interoperability platform that can help health and care organisations build towards a full shared care record at pace.

What is a Presentation Layer?

The Presentation Layer offers multiple users, across a range of services, a bespoke view of all available information about a patient. It supports the requirement to write-back to the source systems based on user RBAC status. This covers all clinicians, patients, social care and healthcare users.

Based on over 10 years of integration expertise and experience, the Viper360 Presentation Layer has been built to allow multiple users (clinicians, users and patients) to view, review and write back into multiple IT systems in real-time.

How is the Presentation Layer different to a portal?

A portal, such as a patient portal, offers patient centric visibility of their data which they can consent to being viewed by many clinicians. Information is managed and shared through a single-to-many relationship.

The Viper360 Presentation Layer goes further. It is a fundamentally a tool for care professionals that can be scaled to include patient interaction. In short, it offers a broader many-to-many relationship to patient data allowing conditions for professionals to interact in real-time.

Key features the of the Presentation Layer:

  • Many-to-many view vs single-to-many
  • Creates a Virtual Patient Record within the Presentation Layer
  • Supports Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) collaboration
  • Pulls information in real-time from any available source system
  • Minimises clinical risk by maximising data availability
  • Highly configurable offering role-based access and bespoke user views
  • Fast to deploy

What can ReStart's Presentation Layer do for you?


  • Present users with relevant data at the point of care
  • RBAC compliant
  • Choose which business or clinical needs you address initially around patient flow. Such as
    • Delayed transfer of care
    • Digital pathology
    • Inappropriate A&E Attendances
    • Duplicated Testing
    • Etc.


  • From single organisations source systems through to a fully Integrated Digital Care Record
  • Provides the functionality to include new organisations and systems as the need arises


  • No need for Rip and Replace.
  • Save money by realising the full potential of existing systems.
  • Incremental spending providing early return on investment.
  • Cash releasing benefits can fund future developments.
  • Working in a mutually rewarding partnership.

Get your organisation to IE++




  • Simple integration engine providing system integration within an organisation and view access to a range of systems through a single sign-on


  • System integration within and across organisations. Supporting collaborative working and data sharing
  • Presenting users with a tailored view of available / relevant data at the point of care.
  • Underpinning informed decision making
  • Read only


  • Cross organisational sharing of data through integration of source systems and bi-directional interfaces
  • Data at the point of care coupled with the capability to enter data which can be written back to source systems
  • Combination of system integration and organisational interoperability
  • Empowering clinical and social care staff at the point of care

How the Viper360 Presentation Layer works

The Viper360® framework is fully modular and is comprised of a suite of applications and plug-in enhancements that enable a building-block approach to meeting specific organisational or health economy requirements.


Use case: Respecting Mr Brown's end of life wishes

Mr Brown (85) has a thirty-year history of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). One evening he is having difficulty getting his breath due to the cold misty weather coupled with the fact that he had to walk to the shop for milk. He dials 111 and after a breathless conversation an ambulance is sent to his home.

On arrival the ambulance crew are unable to get a medical history from Mr Brown, they check his blood O2 level and his respiration. Based on these results they sedate and ventilate him. He is taken to the local acute trust and after four days, he dies still ventilated as weaning has proved impossible.

If the attending ambulance crew had been able to access his medical record (via the Viper360 Presentation Layer) they would have known about his COPD, the associated changed blood parameters and his wish to either die at home or in a hospice if home was not possible. They would also have known where to find his medications and whom to contact.

Viper360 Presentation layer respects the preferences of the patient, but also eliminates an unnecessary A&E visit in a busy hospital.

Case Studies

  • Unified view of Mental and Physical health data
  • Legacy data from archived databases available
  • Embedding local systems within Viper360


  • Single point of access for Acute data
  • All Trust documents available in a dedicated timeline
  • Pathology and Radiology results side-by-side


  • A Cross-County solution
  • Providing Social Care data to NHS users
  • Making Care Plans available to all users
  • Combined view of all Mental Health data
  • Monitoring prescribing across all care settings
  • Live Primary Care data


Addressing real interoperability needs

Is this you?

  • You've got hundreds of new and legacy IT systems and you need them to integrate
  • Your neighbouring STP organisations need access to your data, but you want control  
  • You've not been selected for an Exemplar or NHS IT funding programme
  • You don't have £2m let alone £20m for your shared care record project
  • You're under pressure to release clinical and efficiency benefits through interoperability
  • You're short of time to focus on and deliver integration projects
  • You need to enable interoperability across multiple vendor platforms

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